MISA-Swaziland conducts and facilitates training sessions for journalists and editors, as well as occasionally running media training sessions for other groups, such as civil society members.

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Practical election coverage training for journalists
In 2013 MISA, in partnership with a human rights NGO called COSPE, is training journalists on how to improve their coverage of elections. The training is ‘on the job’, meaning the journalsits are taken into the field where they can put into practice the theory they have learned. Here is an article written by one of the journalists after she attended one of the training sessions.

Reporting stories when children are involved
In 2012 MISA-Swaziland ran several training sessions for journalists. One of which focused on ethical reporting of children. In the Swazi media children are often written or spoken ‘about’, and too often in an insensitive an unethical manner.  The media will, on occasion, create further harm for child victims by publishing an unnecessary photo or by writing an inappropriate caption to accompany a photo. Rarely are children brought into the story as actual people who have a real voice. The training session that MISA conducted raised these issues and gave journalists some practical advice in an attempt to improve the standards of reporting.

Helping civil society leaders get their message across
As it stands at the end of 2012, MISA-Swaziland is half-way through a training program for a group of Swazi civil society leaders. MISA is helping leaders in Swazi civil society to develop better media plans. There are many voices in civil society that need to be heard. MISA-Swaziland believes that by helping Swazi leaders to help themselves — especially by giving them practical advice on how to get their messages across — it will help them be heard by local and international media.

Helping young Swazi journalists
MISA-Swaziland also helps Swazi journalism graduates once that finish university. Recently MISA helped get a young Swazi journalist a job writing for AFP.

Click here to view all stories on MISA-Swaziland’s training sessions.

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