Data Protection legislation on its way to Swazi parliament

MISA-Swaziland, Alert-Upate August 30 2013 Draft data protection and privacy legislation is being discussed at a two-day workshop in Swaziland, a small land-locked kingdom in southern Africa. The workshop is hosted by the ministry of information communication and technology, in partnership with the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the European Union. About 40Continue reading “Data Protection legislation on its way to Swazi parliament”

We must protect our children from pests on social networks: Swaziland drafting cybercrime laws

MISA-Swaziland Alert August 30 2013 Three pieces of model SADC law on cybercrime are being “transposed” into local Swaziland legislation at a two-day workshop in the landlocked southern African kingdom. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has developed model law – template legislation that countries can use as a guide when drafting their own piecesContinue reading “We must protect our children from pests on social networks: Swaziland drafting cybercrime laws”

Cyber security laws discussed in Swaziland

MISA-Swaziland Alert 8 July 2013 Swaziland’s ministry of information, communication and technology is working on cyber security legislation. The ministry hosted a conference on July 3 2013, titled: “Transposition of SADC Cybersecurity Model Laws into National Laws for Swaziland, 2013.” Ministry of ICT principal secretary Sikelela Dlamini opened the conference, saying that cyber crime lawsContinue reading “Cyber security laws discussed in Swaziland”

PM says ministers must respond to petitions–MISA agrees

MISA-Swaziland Alert 5 June 2013 Swaziland’s Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini said he respects when petitions are delivered to government ministries, according to the Swazi Observer on May 31 2013. The newspaper reported the PM as saying “those responsible for the petitions had a responsibility to act and respond to the petitions”. On May 3Continue reading “PM says ministers must respond to petitions–MISA agrees”

Broadcasting legislation enters Swazi parliament – good news or bad?

MISA-Swaziland Analysis 7 March 2013 Minister of information, communication and technology, Winnie Magagula, tabled the Swaziland Broadcasting Bill 2013 and the Swaziland Broadcasting Corporation Bill 2013 in the Senate on Wednesday 6 March. The Bills are now expected be discussed by parliamentary committees who, it is understood, will seek consultation from anyone interested in theContinue reading “Broadcasting legislation enters Swazi parliament – good news or bad?”

TV authority Chairperson fired, no reason given

MISA-Swaziland Alert 14 February 2013 Reports from Mbabane say Dr. Maxwell Mthembu, Chairperson of the Swaziland Television Authority (STVA) has been fired. It appears no reason for the dismissal has been given. Mthembu, a Journalism and Mass Communication lecturer at the University of Swaziland, confirmed to the Swaziland Chapter of the Media Institute of SouthernContinue reading “TV authority Chairperson fired, no reason given”