Radio advert pulled off air

MISA-Swaziland Alert 17 June 2013 Swaziland’s national radio station has pulled a “sexist” and “offensive” advertisement off the air, according to local media reports. “The advert, which has been running on the national radio for over a month, was removed after authorities realised it would set a bad precedent despite numerous campaigns by government andContinue reading “Radio advert pulled off air”

Evaluation of State Broadcasting in Swaziland, 2006

The State has control over the two national broadcasters, Swazi TV and SBIS (radio). The playing field is still not level as there are no community radio stations neither are there privately owned radio stations save for the Christian radio station, the Voice of the Church which is a franchise of Transworld Radio. One of the major hindrances regardingContinue reading “Evaluation of State Broadcasting in Swaziland, 2006”