MISA-Swaziland runs training session, generates debate on women’s rights

MISA Swaziland | Training February 6 2013 Swaziland’s Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Swaziland), in partnership with human rights NGO COSPE, is running three training sessions for journalists in February on women’s rights. The first session was held yesterday in Mbabane, the capital. Six journalists attended the practical training session, where they are encouraged toContinue reading “MISA-Swaziland runs training session, generates debate on women’s rights”

Learning from the children: MISA and Save the Children media training

The Media Institute of Southern Africa in Swaziland (MISA-Swaziland) and Save the Children are running a training and research program on young people and the media. Over three days in June 2013 MISA-Swaziland trained nine journalists on how to report when young people are involved in the story. The training was part theoretical (reading over ethical guidelines on reportingContinue reading “Learning from the children: MISA and Save the Children media training”

Newspaper criticised over misleading HIV reporting

MISA-Swaziland Analysis 11 February 2013 Dr Nduduzo Dube, program manager at Swaziland’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has written a stinging letter to the Times of Swaziland about its false and sensationalist reporting of HIV and AIDS stories. “I have always noted the negativity with which the local press has handled all the matters that border aroundContinue reading “Newspaper criticised over misleading HIV reporting”

Political Reporting in Swaziland, 2007

A typical political story in the Swazi media was a basic event description, reported by a male journalist, containing one male government source, and, if biased, favoured government. Coverage of government and political issues was largely superficial and uncritical and captured a limited range of views and voices. The breadth of content in political coverageContinue reading “Political Reporting in Swaziland, 2007”