Times of Swaziland staff threaten protest, unhappy with management

MISA-Swaziland Alert 28 May 2013 Drivers who deliver Swaziland’s only privately owned newspaper Times of Swaziland have threatened protest action if management doesn’t resolve their grievances. The rival daily newspaper, state-owned Swazi Observer, yesterday reported “drivers have given management until tomorrow to meet their demands or they will bring the company’s operation to a halt”.Continue reading “Times of Swaziland staff threaten protest, unhappy with management”

Times of Swaziland protest coverage, April 2011

12 April 2011 — On a day when pro-democracy protesters were taking to the streets in unprecedented numbers to call for democratic governance, the only independent newspaper in the country, the Times of Swaziland, managed to give government almost free reign to spread their propaganda and discredit the protesters. Here is a breakdown of how the Times reported the protest. First we listContinue reading “Times of Swaziland protest coverage, April 2011”