Swazi govt maintains tight grip on national broadcasters

MISA-Swaziland | Media AlertAugust 26 2014 Swaziland minister for information, communication and technology Dumisani Ndlangamandla said the national TV and radio stations are primarily there to serve the interests of the state, reported daily newspaper Times of Swaziland last week.  The national television station, Swazi TV, and the national radio station, SBIS, are both controlled byContinue reading “Swazi govt maintains tight grip on national broadcasters”

Swaziland has a new newspaper – the ‘Sunday Observer’

MISA-Swaziland Alert Monday 21 October, 2013 The Swazi Observer Group of Newspapers has a new publication, the Sunday Observer.  The weekly newspaper first appeared yesterday, Sunday 20 October, 2013, leading with a front page story on newly-elected MP Jan Sithole, a long-standing democracy activist. The headline read: “Changing the system from within: CAN JAN WORK?”Continue reading “Swaziland has a new newspaper – the ‘Sunday Observer’”