A new beginning in the campaign for community radio in Swaziland

The following speech was delivered by Ambrose Zwane, national coordinator of Swaziland’s community radio network, at the network’s launch at the George Hotel in Manzini, July 11 2013.  Swaziland and Zimbabwe are the only countries that has not yet opened the airwaves for the community radio sector. In past 15 years Lubombo Community Radio hasContinue reading “A new beginning in the campaign for community radio in Swaziland”

UNESCO pledges support for community radio — Swazi Observer reports

The following article appears in the Swazi Observer newspaper on Friday 12 July, 2013. Click here to be redirected to the Swazi Observer website where the article was sourced from. By Nosipho Shongwe THE United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) yesterday shared guidelines with Community radio stations on how to access funding from the organisation duringContinue reading “UNESCO pledges support for community radio — Swazi Observer reports”

Campaign for community radio in Swaziland

MISA-Swaziland e-Forum article Myles Mumford is a radio producer working at Lusweti, a health communications NGO in Swaziland. Myles recently helped a Swazi community radio campaign by recording local artists and producing a CD. All proceeds from the sale of CDs will go toward the campaign for community radio in Swaziland. Read on for Myles’ takeContinue reading “Campaign for community radio in Swaziland”

Can community radio help create a more equal society?

e-Forum article By MISA-Swaziland 31 May 2013 Community radio doesn’t exist in Swaziland. For over ten years, however, efforts have been made by a group of resilient people to bring this form of localised media to life. Board members from Swaziland’s Community Radio Network (CRN), a lobby group funded by NGOs, gathered at the UniversityContinue reading “Can community radio help create a more equal society?”