Youth voice absent in Swazi media – MISA research

Children and young people’s voices in Swaziland’s media are heard in only 8 percent of the stories that are about them, according to new research by Swaziland’s Media Institute of Southern Africa in partnership with child rights NGO Save the Children. The country’s two daily newspapers, Times of Swaziland and Swazi Observer, both published MondayContinue reading “Youth voice absent in Swazi media – MISA research”

Opinion: Looking for a safe environment for children

MISA-Swaziland e-Forum article The below article on MISA-Swaziland’s e-Forum is written by Thandokuhle Khumalo, legal officer at the Manzini-based Swaziland Association for Crime Prevention and the Rehabilitation of Offenders (SACRO).   The e-Forum is an ‘online space’ for news and information on, for, and by Swaziland’s civil society and NGO sector; and for more general news and information on media freedom. The e-Forum is aContinue reading “Opinion: Looking for a safe environment for children”

Coverage of Children in Swaziland’s Media

Coverage of Children in the Swazi Media, June 2010 Poor sourcing of stories remained a challenge though there was a slight reduction in the number of single or no source stories. This time single or no source stories accounted for 33% against 43% in the last study. It  is important that newsrooms eliminate  poorly sourced stories in orderContinue reading “Coverage of Children in Swaziland’s Media”