11 privacy steps journalists should take to protect themselves and sources: Comaparitech
For journalists, having sensitive data compromised can be disastrous. This guide has handy hints to help keep your information secure. (Tip 1: Use common sense.)

JPROF – the website for teaching journalism
This site is designed for teachers and students of journalism. It contains a wealth of resources on all the basics – reporting, writing, editing and more.

Reuters Handbook of Journalism
This is essential reading for all journalists. The handbook contains in-depth information on accuracy, independence, freedom from bias, integrity and reporting from the Internet. There is also a general style guide and sports style guide.

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
This site provides links to a host of online journalism tools covering topics such as broadcasting journalism skills, editing and newsroom management, print journalism skills, sub-editing and media literacy.

International Center for Journalists
Helping connect journalists with the opportunities and information they need to better themselves and raise journalism standards in their countries.

This is an essential site for journalists working in Southern Africa. It contains industry news, reporting tools, a fantastic e-library, advice and discussion on journalism ethics and much more.

Institute for the Advancement of Journalism
For those looking to undergo journalism training, IAJ has some of the best journalism trainers in the region. Find information on short courses as well as fellowships and scholarships.

The Poynter Institute
Poynter Online is packed full of information on reporting and writing, ethics and diversity and journalism education.

International Federation of Journalists
IFJ is the world’s largest journalists association working to improve press freedom access to information, safety of journalists and develop national journalism unions.

This site provides great journalism resources from general tools and principles to ethics codes, books and job links.

Committee of Concerned Journalists
This site is a fantastic source of cutting edge commentary and research on journalism and provides a host of vital journalism tools.

The Communication Initiative Network
A source of research and commentary on media rights, media development, journalism and HIV-AIDS, ICT development and much more.

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