“Media law is meant to make sure that the stories get told, the full stories and as many of them as possible.” Christel and Hendrick Bussiek

The existing legislative environment in Swaziland does little to promote media freedom and, in many instances, actively obstructs it. MISA believes an independent law reform commission would be the best avenue to removing all the unnecessary restrictions on media freedom. Until such an avenue is made possible, MISA calls on the government to:

  • Amend the Suppression of Terrorism Act — see Atmosphere of Intimidation report
  • Enact freedom of information legislation
  • Enact legislation that establishes an independent broadcasting regulator
  • Enact a Public Service Broadcasting Act that will see Swazi TV and SBIS transformed into one independent public broadcaster

Relevant Policy and Legislation:

Constitution of 2005

Swaziland Information and Media Policy 2005

Books and Newspapers Act 1963

Suppression of Terrorism Act No 3 2008

Swaziland Television Authority Act 1983

Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Act 1986

Useful information:

Hendrick and Christel Bussiek, The Media and the Law Toolbox 1

Article 19, Model Freedom of Information Law

Article 19, Model Public Service Broadcasting Law

Guy Berger, Media Legislation in Africa — a comparative legal survey

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