King’s multi-billion fraud, corruption documents hidden in Times emails

Saturday, 29th February, 2020 By Zweli Martin Dlamini MBABANE:King Mswati’s multi-billion fraud and corruption documents has been found hidden in the email servers of the Times of Eswatini, a once independent newspaper that was subsequently captured by the royal family. The documents that forms part of correspondence between Shanmuga Rethenam, the former Chairman of theContinue reading “King’s multi-billion fraud, corruption documents hidden in Times emails”


Richard Rooney Yesterday at 11:51 AM · Some of this story has resurfaced after five years. Here is the original from Swazi Media CommentaryPROOF: SWAZI KING PAID FOR HIS JET20 November 2015 Documents revealed publicly for the first time on Friday (20 November 2015) confirm that King Mswati III of Swaziland personally paid US$9.5 millionContinue reading “PROOF: SWAZI KING PAID FOR HIS JET”