Draconian laws will never suppress a people’s desire for free expression, the press is here to stay – Swazi Observer

MISA-Swaziland | Alert
June 25 2014

Swazi Observer, June 25 2014
Swazi Observer, June 25 2014

The editorial in yesterday’s Swazi Observer agrees with South Africa’s deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa that the media must annoy and challenge the leaders of a country, while also reporting in a fair and balanced manner. 

“Africa direly needs politicians who will acknowledge the role of the press instead of treating it as the nemesis out to spoil their dish during their powerful days,” says the Swazi Observer

“We may deny it all we want, but the press is here to stay and the sooner you make good friends with it, both by deed and utterance, the better your political honeymoon shall be.

“Draconian laws meant to suppress freedom of expression and information will never rise above the thirst of a people to be governed in a feasible manner which they can appreciate and in times such as these true politicians like Ramaphosa will always come to the foe,” concluded the comment by the Swazi Observer’s. 



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