Cop kills man on bus in Swaziland

MISA-Swaziland | Alert
February 10 2014

A plain-clothed policeman shot a suspected thief on a public bus in Swaziland on Friday  7 February.

The Times of Swaziland Sunday, a weekly newspaper, reported that “a man suspected to have stolen copper wire was shot dead aboard a bus, allegedly by a police officer”.

According to the report the bus was travelling from Sitiki, in eastern Swaziland, to the commercial capital Manzini, located in the middle of the country.

“Majahonke Zikalala, the driver of the bus, confirmed the shooting. ‘I thought we were being robbed when the police officer produced the gun’, said Zikalala”, reports the newspaper.

The Times Sunday details the shooting, describing the moment of the shooting.

The driver “then said while the man [suspected thief] was attempting to force his way out of the bus, the police officer shot him in the back, near the spine… the man fell on the floor after which he was handcuffed while he bled”.

The police officer was said to have called an ambulance but it failed to show up on time and the man died.

Times of Swaziland Sunday, February 9 2014
Times of Swaziland Sunday, February 9 2014

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