When will Swazi TV grow up?

MISA-Swaziland Alert
October 7 2013

A letter to the editor at the Times of Swaziland, published on Friday October 4, 2013, has lamented the poor standard of television in the country.

The letter, titled “When will Swazi TV grow up?” and written by “Nkosinathi ‘Umsutfu’,” describes the unprofessional, rude, and boring service offered by the country’s only national television station, Swazi TV.

Letter to the editor, Times of Swaziland, October 4 2013
Letter to the editor, Times of Swaziland, October 4 2013

“I was so disappointed when I decided to sit back and watch Swazi TV on September 29, at around 6pm, a programme called ‘Emahubo Endvumiso’, when the power went off,” wrote Nkosinathi.

“It took about 10-15 minutes for the power to return. The TV was back with another funny program, not the one I was watching, without an apology to the viewers.

“Now I just realise that it is their culture not to warn the viewers by doing what they like; that means this is somebody’s farm, not for the Swazi citizen. Even last week they did the same thing without saying sorry.”

The letter wonders why staff are not being suspended or fired over the sloppy broadcasting.

“We do not hear of staff being suspended over this, so where are we heading?”

What’s more, the letter asks: “Why is Swazi TV pushing us to pay TV licenses? For what, paying for the on and off?”

The writer also makes reference to a popular television soapie, saying “Generations is coming soon (I do not know when is soon). They are going to repeat it until you get annoyed”.

The letter concludes by calling on the Swazi TV boss to sort out the problems and start offering a better service, before praising the Times of Swaziland newspaper for upholding free speech.

“Lastly, Bongani Dlamini, do your job as a CEO. If it calls for someone to go home, it must be done even if it is the old staff because it may happen that they are the ones who drag down the whole process. I thank the Times of Swaziland for its freedom. It is not somebody’s paper but belongs to Swazi citizens.”

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