Expose more corruption, Swazi speaker tells media

MISA-Swaziland Alert
August 2 2013

Speaker of Swaziland’s house of assembly, Prince Guduza, has called on the media to continue exposing corruption, according to local media reports.

media exposes rotten beans
Page 14, Swazi Observer, August 2 2013

On August 2 2013, daily newspaper Swazi Observer, under the headline ‘Rotten beans saga an example of media’s overseer role’, reported the Speaker’s praise of local media.

Speaker Guduza was impressed with the media’s role in the ‘rotten beans’ saga and the ‘land grab’ scandal.

The Swazi Observer reports: “He said the recent issue of the rotten beans at the government warehouse was a classic example of Parliament and the media working together in the interest of the electorate.” Huge piles of beans were recently found rotting in an apparent case of official incompetence coupled with corruption. It was suggested by media that the beans were being kept (or hidden) from MPs who voted in favour of a no-confidence motion against the prime minister in late 2012.

“The speaker further referred to the land-grab saga were some cabinet ministers sold themselves crown land at huge discounts,” reported the Observer. 

Guduza noted that the media “was the first to place the issue of the land-grab saga in the public domain”.

Click here read more about the the rotten beans saga.

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